About Us

Who We Are ?

Leadership. Experience. Dedication.

Spark Grow works at all levels that real providers must be accountable to if they are to be successful.

The Spark Grow team includes executives with strong, world-class operational experience and a proven track record. Insight and experience is what sets our executive team apart from the competition. Equipped with the knowledge necessary to deliver real and measurable value, our executive team's collaboration of talent is leading the way.

Our leaders are intelectual decision makers. Having done it so many times throughout their careers, they have become immune to the pressure associated with decision making.

We create positive motivation for our employees to reconnect, rebuild and expand their connections within the company.Executive retreats, departmental gatherings, and team off-sites are tools commonly-used to get our employees mentally on the same page so that they may row the boat together.

Our managers have made Spark Grow a vibrant place where colleagues work closely with each other to create new services that delight customers.

Our management team is master in anticipating business patterns, finding opportunities in pressure situations, serving the people they lead and overcoming hardships.

What We Do ?

Spark Grow is a global leader in product development, software development & services. We provide cutting edge technology solutions for educational institutes and telecom organizations. We believe in effective listening, regular communication, accurate project management, product quality, and an ethical approach to business.

Our software solutions offer robust management, streamline operations and improve visibility for better decision making. We do this by extending the availability of software across on-premise installations, on-demand deployments and mobile devices.

Our services enable automation of manual processes, increase transparency in user administration and increase security. We help adopt new technologies designed to fit with your existing enterprise solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our quality assurance experts can provide you with a combination of consulting, support and education services, and scalable quality reviews and checks. Here at Spark Grow we try to maximize employee productivity and reduce service costs.


Spark Grow aims at establishing itself as a client-centric, technology-driven, people-focused, adaptive, innovative and creative Company, always attaining excellence and promoting profitability for our clients and ourselves by providing best IT services, Educational products and Customized Solutions and working for everyone's benefit.


"To be admired as an organization with integrity and honesty, complete dedication, ethical in its conduct, professional in its approach and providing cost effective, world-class solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers, surpassing their expectations, ensuring their interest and enhancing revenues at the same time"