Spark Grow Stock and Billing software is useful for all businesses. Company thinks about the mango people's who haven't too much knowledge of the Computer and they feel scared to use the software for their businesses. Software is too easy that anybody can work on it. Look and feel of the software is designed that the people feels easy and confidently work on it.

Automatically peoples get alerts of their stock and all related activities as well as easily find reports of each activity of their businesses.
This product is offline software which can run on any computer and there is no need of internet.

1- Multi Company handling
2- Separate entry for each company
3- Purchase order
4- Receive Order
5- Stock Maintenance
6- Sale Order
7- Auto find profit or loss
8- Manual Billing
9- Bar code reader Billing
10- Backup facility
11- Easy Account Maintenance
12- Alerts of each activity
13- Reports of each activity
14- Tax Calculation on each order
15- Print bill facility
16- Suitable for all scale businesses
17- History of each transaction.